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Faula Construction. Votre constructeur de maisons contemporaines

Faula Construction. Votre constructeur de maisons contemporaines

Construction maison moderne
construire une maison neuve
constructeur maison contemporaine
constructeur maison moderne
constructeur maison haut de gamme
construction maison d'architecte

The construction of a house is the project of a lifetime.

We wanted to offer you the construction of modern houses with innovative design.

We were inspired by American architecture to offer you, individual houses with remarkable charms. Responding to European standards, RT2012, Bbio.

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Constructeur de maison moderne

Luxury french home builder

Looking for a land

Construction maison moderne

If you can not find land we have the solution for you. With the help of our partner we are able to offer you a plot for your house.

It is a turnkey solution for your contemporary home that we will propose.

Already owns a land

maison moderne

All you have to do is find the right house that meets your criteria in terms of space, layout and layout.

We have a wide range of plans to suit your life wish.

Ask for the assistance of one of our advisers so that you can achieve your dream together.

Our latest offers

constructeur maison contemporaine

Find our best promotional offers for your modern house Faula Construction.

Your house in wood frame will be unique and in your image.

  Take advantage of our offers,

right now !

Why this design so unique.

Faula Contruction is above all a family business, which has the sensitivity to offer you modern, convivial houses because we put ourselves in your shoes. As a wooden house construction house manufacturer, we are committed to offering you houses with unique design.

That's why we offer a whole range of new houses with the best of American architecture.

Our contemporary homes are characterized by our architecture passing through the low slope roof between 22.5 ° to 27 °. Our wooden frame supported by the best materials used for the construction of your future contemporary home. Allowing you to benefit from a speed of construction, an optimal comfort, as well as an insulation meeting the various standards in force.

It is thanks to all these factors that we share with you, which allow us to offer you this great freedom of design. No doubt have you already noticed? Our desire is to combine nature with your contemporary home.

Our many sliding windows, as well as our iconic 90 ° bay window with its full opening without carrier pole, allow you to enjoy both the comfort of a contemporary villa ideal to see your family grow and the simplicity that can you to provide this contact with nature. Luxury french home builder, french riviera, luxury real estate France

Layout and Decoration.

Concerned about your well-being, construction Faula Construction supports you to build your contemporary villa. Our Prestige range allows you to build your new home, while enjoying a wide choice of decorations and furnishings for all parts of your home.

Indeed you have the opportunity to entrust us with the furnishing, interior and exterior decoration of your new contemporary house.

Our decorating consultants, will be happy to collect your wishes to submit ideas of atmospheres and have them installed by professionals.

Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your villa Faula Construction as soon as the construction of your detached house is completed.

Luxury french builder, french riviera, luxury real estate France

Click Discover and choose your designs from our selections:

Living room layout (furniture, upholstery, lighting ...)

Bathroom decoration (bathroom furniture, walk-in shower ...),

Outdoor decoration and pool deck fountain (terrace area, barbecue, outdoor fireplace, Zen garden ...)

Furnishing of rooms, Builder wooden house


projet de maison neuve

Espace séjour

Veuillez trouver des exemples d'aménagements, incluses dans la gamme Prestige. Venez profiter de nos maisons neuves équipées !


Rigel construction maison contemporaine faula construction

Espace nuit

Veuillez trouver des exemples de décorations, incluses dans la gamme Prestige. Accédez à nos villa contemporaines neuves équipées !


constucteur maison architecte

Espace extérieur

Veuillez trouver des exemples d'aménagements, incluses dans la gamme Prestige. Accédez à nos propriétés neuves équipées !

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